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I have serious issues with contsantly posting.
It's summer and I'm supposed to be having fun.
I'm having something. It's not exactly fun.
I've been spending much more money on myself lately.
I have a new computer and it's nice and fast.
I saw Wicked again with Sam, Erika, Poorna, BrittneyAnn, and Mrs. Kovacs (aka Christine)
It was just as good I guess, but no Shoshana Bean.
Boq and Elphaba signed our homemade shirts.
Now we wanna go see Rent for Erika's 17th.
Haidi's and Fiona's should be coming up soon.
I can't wait for Jaime to come back from her vacation.
I realized how disappointing boys can be.
And I realized how bad it is to be in love with a memory.
Seriously, bad stuff.
I'm throwing more stuff away.
It makes me feel clean and like I'm in control.
I don't have control issues, I just hate mess.
Even though I'm a slob...
I plan on doing my café/bookstore thing with Jaime by the time I turn 30.
I want to work in Forensic Sciences now, Photography on the side.
I think Chemistry is a lot of fun, and my amazing teacher helped me see that.
She's a runner, and she's hilarious. Her favorite show is South Park. Go figure.
English on the other hand, sucked. My teacher just...sucked. I didn't like it.
I'm listening to the Tori Amos CD Tales of A Librarian, for the first time.
And yet, I got it for Christmas two years ago.
I got rid of a load of shoes. It felt really good.
I watched Fight Club the other day.
I realized it's a really good movie. Filled with some good points.
I'm tired of summer already. I want school, something to do.
It's weird, and I feel dependent, but I want distractions.
Distractions from the fact that I look forward to running and working out
and reading, and writing, and studying, and failing tests.
And later going to college, getting a steady job,
and falling into the pattern that all people eventually fall into.
It's gunna happen fast. And so many people won't be ready for it.
I want to be ready.

When you gunna make up your mind?
'Cause things are gunna change so fast.

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