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I haven't posted in ages. But today (technically yesterday) was one of the best days I've had in a while and I just want to outline it so I can look back and smile :)
Let's start with the fact that I closed at work last night and we were there until 2 am. Shitty, but hey I get paid.
Watched tv for an hour with Maria and then hit the sack.
Woke up around 10 this morning to my dad making French Toast.
Had breakfast with Maria and John for the first time in ages.
Hung out with Maria before she had work.
Allanah came over and then we hit Woodbridge Mall...
We found a ghetto store 'cause she needed pants (for her lovely ghetto butt), and we saw some skank clothes and said great for going out! We were looking at them, then noticed the prices and I said, "We just need to head back farther, places like this always have a $5 rack." We head back and what do we find? A $4.99 rack! I was on a roll.
Then we went to Menlo Mall...
Taco Bell + Cold Stone Creamery = HEAVEN. Crunchwrap Supreme + Birthday Cake Remix = Happy Kelly. We also hit Sephora which was just a whirlwind of success. And we had fun in Aeropastle (sp?) where I thoroughly corrupted some little girl.
Back at Allanah's house we proceeded to watch Family Guy, the Iron Chef America special (Super Chefs!!!), and two episodes of Dexter. Made some solid double date plans with the boys. Annnd we also broke out white cheddar popcorn, and her cat attempted suicide before our very eyes. ...ok that doesn't sound so great but it was funny and was at 12:04 so it wasn't part of the same day...
Just a fantastic day. Plus I can't wait for our double date. :D

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